Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Me and Dre started the company in May 2010. It was raised and recognized at The Baraxe where our close Friend Michael Diza is the owner. We where both in one Skate Crew which is the INDIO Skateboarding, owned by our good friend Baroy Guzman. The Name Stooned was Dre's idea which is really cool and kickin'. It's all about the love for skateboarding. Our Good Friends Toni Ace and Michael L. also work alot for the good of the Company. StOOned Started the Company not for making money out of it.Our main purpose is to have fun.Make everyone happy on what we are doing. Go Skate and Have Fun. We are just very thankful that everyone in the team are always doing their best for everything. As long as everybody feel as ease and comfortable together with the whole Team, thats what we call our success. We always look for new stuffs that everybody(not only in the scene) can enjoy in their daily living. Our Goal is to spread all the happy things life can give and we are going to continue to put everybody together. In addition, to throw away all the things boring.

Things are slowle put up together and we are very amazed on the daily outcome. We just feel excited everyday on what is going to happen. Lastly, We will be here remain standing for life. -A.G

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